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Vietnam Visa

Except for a number of ASEAN countries a visa is required to visit Vietnam. If your itinerary requires two entries into Vietnam then a double entry visa must be obtained. If your trip is postponed or delayed it may be necessary to obtain another visa if your original visa is not valid for your new dates of travel.

Tourist Visa
A Vietnam Tourist Visa is valid for the period of 30-days and for a single entry (unless endorsed for a double entry at additional cost). The cost charged by the Vietnamese embassy is $65 for a single entry visa and $130 for a double entry visa. Your passport must be sent to the embassy along with payment with prepaid shipping arrangements with Priority Mail with Delivery Confirmation, FedEx, etc., two completed visa applications and two passport photos. Allow five-business days for processing.

A Visa-on-Arrival is available if you are pre-approved for the visa. In lieu of a stamped visa in your passport prior to departure a fax from the Department of Immigration is issued and used as your travel document for boarding your international flight to Vietnam. This system has been working for a number of years now and is extremely reliable. Visa-on-Arrival processing charges are normally $25 and a $25 fee is payable directly to Vietnamese Immigration upon arrival.

Double Entry Visa
A Double Entry Visa is a Tourist Visa endorsed for a double entry. If your itinerary requires a double entry be sure and obtain the Double Entry Visa.

Re-Entry Visa
Re-entry Visas, prior to departing Vietnam, are possible to obtain in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City through authorized agencies for a fee of approximately $25, however it requires one-to-two days and the deposit of your passport. This is not advisable unless your itinerary allows ample time and you remain in the city where the application was filed until the visa is issued. It is strongly advised to obtain a Double Entry Visa prior entering Vietnam.

Business Visa
Business Visas are valid for a period of 30-days to six-months and can be issued for multiple entries. A sponsoring company in Vietnam is required to sponsor your visa.

Passport Validity Dates
Your passport must have a validity date of at least six-months remaining after your visit to Vietnam is completed.

Travel Document Companies
Unless you live nearby a Vietnamese embassy or consulate or are experienced in dealing with embassies by mail or telephone, it is advised that you use a travel document company to obtain your visa.

Notes: You can email us at info@privatevietnamtour.com for more advice on Vietnam Visa information. The service is free of charge. All the emails will be replied immediately.

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